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no form of kidney disease in which a daily patient examination
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goes. It is true that minute scientific tests will some-
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1868.] Ferqusson on Progress of Anatomy and Surgery. 418
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which lasted upwards of a fortnight. On the 5th, another child of
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Atropine and Datwrvne, — On account of the great similarity between
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the lids with a view of preserving the shape of the pupil. In several cases of
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jective sensations of light and colour. On careful examination,
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in these cases enucleation, being attended with complete success,
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syphilitic lesions, whether by the sulphur-coloured gummous
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papulffi, but even when they are in full suppuration.
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ertions, who had a deficiency of the lower half of the sternum and carti-
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Case 13. — Chorea; congestion of nervous centres,
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must however be understood that this boiling for an hour will not dissolve
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however, so much of the public attention as the author thought it worthy of
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towards the straits of Messina, does not distinctly appear. The ex-
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est brain workers and the great masters of men alwaj^
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the moisture in the fonn of rain and helps to fonn douds,
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to a very fine powder and well refined, the whole is triturated in a mortar about
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who are used to post-mortem examinations. The granulations
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afforded ample opportunity for observing the progress of this interesting dis-
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fluid. Dark fluid blood, in excess, in the right cavities of the heart
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scheme well carried out cannot but prove a valuable aid to the country practi-
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Bow-legs. — ^AU newborn infants are bow-legged and a
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In the night, she was seized with colic and vomiting.
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paralysis of the vaso-motor nerves from the effect of cold on the
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the stimulus to a hemispherical nerye-cell is not in sufficient force
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4. Introduced the pieces of glass, with the crust adhering, into a new
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bromide in the treatment of epilepsy ; and, although he does not
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scicmtific talent. “We certainly believe that as in
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rate had for some years averaged 33 per 1000, 1865 was an un-
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Strychnine should be employed as a nerve tonic or nerve-excitant