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I am accustomed to tell my classes that strophanthus acts
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tion and Folding Plan of Model Health Centre, by Major-General Sir
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a loss of appetite, with a nausea or aptness to vomit, an unusual
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documents connected with the sickness and mortality of the British
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of a few drops of liquid, and the cedematous brain retains the imprint of the
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the successive changes, the maturation being completed in five or six days.
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more effectual. The freezing-point of the blood is normal or
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worthy of note : while the older practitioners who have
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ceedings was to be looked for; it existed, and to an
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and also by the rectal sound, and if the patient be a female ex-
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plained of pain in the back and head. That night she was feverish, and
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tends to produce apoplexy and structural disorganization of the
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as to the immediate outlook. ]\luch may be learned also by watching
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before complete neutralization, and, furthermore, the spectroscopic changes de-
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about. The explanation of this may be that the arsenic stimulates
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Genus i^^oS^^^^^^ / Genus 2. Diplogonoporus ; Genus 3. Sparganum.
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my service at Belle vue Hospital, the treatment being carried out by tl
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which it is important to protect by a " riser," but this " riser " shoukl
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on the Canal Zone was carefully studied in the laboratory of the
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Society was held at Boston June 9th, President, Dr. George H. Lyman, of
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affections, is an indiscretion which I have known to prove most calamitous.