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characteristic feature is a profound sadness, out of proportion to the actual

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have little effect. Still, inunctions of green soap, iothion salve, etc., may be

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tants and Disinfection ;" Smith, E., " Manual for Medical Officers of

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excitability of the nerves as well as of Trousseau's sign. It is of fundamental

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1 Slightly enlarged and flattened - the yolk membranes and tissues

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tensive destruction of the nervous elements. We know very little of the

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The degree of M,D, is obtainable by Badielors of Medicine of two

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tion by all alumni of the College. Candidates write an original essay

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of ptrforaing • votorlnary inspection of tiMse Mp\y perishable subsistence items !

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the polyneuritic pains of alcoholic subjects, etc. 4. Symptomatic neuralgia

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A teaspoonful is usually 5 grams; a tablespoonful, 20 grams.

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Faculty of Medicine, or some other professor appointed by the

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at the beginning in the posterior half of the cord, but later it may attain a

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Hke hyphae^which invade the hair follicles. urTwuwn or weao

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began with pronounced mental disturbance. The patient became irrational

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accomplished by a survey of the Insj^tlon stasis, Insi^tlon reoorts. invoicei^^ man'^^esti

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bulbar sclerotic foci. Disturbances of the ocular muscles associated with

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met dropped from the upper dorsal vertebras falls behind the sacrum. The

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often entirely lost. The bladder and rectum, however, remain intact, and

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cially the combination of atrophic muscular paratysis with partial anaesthesia

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not spontaneously fallen into this state. In that lies a consequence, which, of

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dents. This applies to courses dropped, courses added, change from one course to

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of the tongue can be seen to be impaired. Sometimes, however, the slight

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knew what a contract C3lls for in order to determine the inspections that are necessary,

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':5) Soeclal notes on use of table I (Limited Verification):

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gentian or a similar bitter. It was once believed that the internal adminis-

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cutter ,s ^etemlned and a P Ice 0? butrlrl/^' '^"'-I f*^ "^^^ ^''^^ «^ '

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not infrequently, as has already been stated, we observe the occurrence in the

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together with their f: 1 Icr^-flats. Determine the case net ^

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College, one section, evenings, hours to be arranged. Medical students are not admitted

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for which apartment is wanted should be made to the Bursar.

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Hall, Halle Orville, a, sp, Grand Forks, N.D. A.B. (U. of North Dakota) y 33; S.B.

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Autumn and Spring, Finnerud; Winter, Tobin; Summer, Fink; sec. c, W., S., Autumn,

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intestinal disorders, etc.). At times, however, no special cause for the

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■hall have oommnnioated mth the Prootor, at latest, the day before the Com-

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pulse (100 to 120), which persists for a long time even with normal tem-

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favorably set col^, flavor texture, and retard enzysKt^c ict1«t« Preferably It. Is

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this, treatment must be symptomatic. Prophylaxis demands caution in the

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daily every morning or every afternoon each quarter. Prerequisite: Obstetrics and

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for all d^oma and degree examinations are held daily in the school. Attend- >

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plex. We may then say that the fear of insomnia is the chief reason for the

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