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printed at Calcutta in 1835. We have no doubt that the author,

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of boracic acid. To do this, take a pint of clean water

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no proof of cancer. The presence of lactic acid and

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publication. One of these copies will be filed in the

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grown up, about eighteen to twenty; the youngest was five

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State, to the end of determining if there be anything not

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factory results ; but with our present limited ability

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vating the parietes with two fingers of the left hand. The uterus,

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without affording any clue to the kind which ought to be pre-

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pital. Here he presented a typical picture of spastic

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igth, Dr. James E. Cooper, aged seventy-five years.

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inches from the pylorus ; that is, it is in the first por-

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so well, that she is anxious to do some little work about the house if

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the rim of the orbit, traveling along the nasal side,

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had a habit of sobbing frequently, which she had never manifested

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length from six inches to four feet, but its usual length is two

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extensive to admit all who then claimed assistance. The want

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I should describe to them, briefly, the actual condition of the

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leucocytes ; and finally more or less purulent secre-

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Professor of Medicine, Department of Phthisiotherapy, at the New