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Lateral sclerosis of idiopathic origin affects identically the same tracts,

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Pregnancy in its progress from conception until closure of the cycle,

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that the bones are absorbed. There is some dispute as to whether it is one of

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questions to be discussed at the congress, the committee re-

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third weeks are hr less dangerous than the intestinal haemorrhages ;

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domestic animals, and it has not been reported north of Eunbeck

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January 12th: Rested well, and was much improved. Pulse down

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shaken serum represents gives rise in the fresh serum to adsorptions by

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cured. This method presents the advantage in private prac-

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in rich and deep grassy soils ; since the same full bite, is

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which a dog with the whole surface of a cerebral lobe washed away

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a simple fluid, such as serum or saline, into the subdural space through a

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blood, increase the degree of vascular tension, they only play

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De I'assistance des Epileptiques. .Bull. Soc. de mEd. ment.

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pression, no rigidity of abdominal muscles; on digital exami-

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centers. Purpuric spots and infarctions of the skin

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about its destruction, thus constituting the condi-

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maceutical preparation. That this confidence is justly

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Albumin trace to 225 gm. per liter. Casts few, granular.

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We wish to draw especial attention to this fact, that Dr. B.

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it is not unfrequently caused by too long continued and too severe application

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