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In cases in which microscopical reports were received
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Rabies. This disease is very common among dogs in Indo
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patients with blood equally impoverished have told me that they felt
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terial in its posterior portion the left kidney. The cyst
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carried by Hertwig s original statement above nor is it necessary
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the protoplasm of the cell body fine granules but with a
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impetus of the blood from the head and also towards relieving
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that a more or less extent of primitive ulceration has no influ
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well established reputation must be much enhanced by the style and matter
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that must needs stand correction such as that lichen
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on our own cases of furuncle of surgical and other woands as
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notice a singular gjTatory movement of the upper limb of the
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and licMCc is the ni lt is rrlialilt as a prognositc guide.
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to that time known cases scattered over forty four square
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pils amp c. which soon terminated in death. The examination after
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rabbits. The circulation in the head was suddenly stopped the
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bitter and an astringent are those which answer best. It is said
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tion a fanlike appearance and the resemblance may be considerably
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covered with a perfectly sound limb the elbow being freely moy
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sterile after the package has once been opened but for practical
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tubercular deposit when miliary tubercles are evenly distributed through
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no fresh patches were found in the mouth although the dark spots
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Physician admitted of the above patients in hospital Jan.
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with difficulty support her weight there was palpitation of the
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ing a dressing where it may so readily become soiled and infect
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to the subjection of the wife. He says in one place
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also the association of this condition with locomotor ataxia and
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ways simple suture Senn s plates or some substitute and procScU
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with dropped foot were working with the lathe. In addition
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indulgence on the part of travelling fakirs in this country.
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the head. When the flow is from both nostrils it generally