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Berberis is especially valuable in non-inflammatory affections
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complexion of patient, renders it impossible to discover a
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the train of morbid cases. The same holds good with the sympathies,
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sirable to stimulate, this agent alone, or combined with any other
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whether it be of the liver, spleen, thyroid or lymphatic glands.
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intestinal flatus ; chronic diarrhea and dysentery ; muscular de-
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was named after him. It has long been used by the Indians of
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tempting to swallow and breathe becomes so decided, that
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organs, it becomes an excellent remedy in ovarian troubles with
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starting the cure, if not of completing it, to berberis. It is gen-
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so as not to cool the mass) and while steaming hot, apply.
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the next day went to work again. No other medicine was given
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urinary organs. It should be given for certain forms of mental
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"In small doses — gtt. x to water ^iv, a teaspoon ful every
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quently marked, and the patient is observed to put the hands
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ished children, especially when the stools are constantly clay
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be acquired in various ways— either from want of proper food,
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a spasmodic contraction of the neck of the bladder we know
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engineering, astronomy, and dozens of other serious
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amputation with this instrument — two arms, two forearms,
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the Boston University. Dr. J. R. Baudrey, Physician to the
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