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that if the whole seven thousand of our physicians were to

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tricians and Gynecologists, Grand River Medical Society,

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Smith married, in 1884, in New York, Jane T. Sheldon. He died

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portion of caffeine varies greatly in the different teas and coffees

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Three sons bless this union, none of whom have adopted

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as in its scientific infancy, amenable to test, correction, and

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In regard to what has already been said about the marrow of the bones,

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either side of the spine, and by the application of a hot sponge.

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made Professor of Surgery in the University of Buffalo. His medical

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private surgical laboratory of Billroth (now deceased),

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its third edition, breaking the records in such matters. The second

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International Medical Congress in this country in 1887, and he was

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tigations are here summarized. He ably criticises the methods

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most reliable sources obtainable, ranged from about 10% to

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Eheumatic pericarditis is not infrequent, although less common than endo-