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of a series of twenty-four-hour specimens before an idea can be
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due to various complications need no discussion here.
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Case X. — J. U., aged sixty-two years. Chronic gout. First attack of
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sudden violent invasion; and the same thing may be said of apoplexy with ex-
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the children from whom the spinal fluids were removed were less
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1841.] Valeniine^s Triumphal Chariot of Antimony. 141
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our author passes directly to an examination of its structural affections,
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If one wishes to avoid disappointment in the preparation of
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proved by the application of the moxa. I may state, however, that permanent
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throat, ear, or nose, and referred her back to me. October 7, 1912, patient
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the bacterial stage, bacteria can practically always be found in the blood if the
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problems afforded by Dr. Leonard P. Ayres, of the Russell Sage
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after the first application of the instrument. This subsided, and lately the truss
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we may have an effusion of one side getting into the other hemisphere, or ex-
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membranes there is little or no pain. We may, for instance, have p"leuritis,
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and that the state of erection depends on the retardation of the How of blood
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with scattered rhonchi, sibilant, sonorous, and crepitant rales throughout.
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transpiration," as probably least objectionable, Dr. C. passes in review
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We can now see the errors involved in the interpretation of
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19, 1912. One blood-culture was made, with negative result. The patient
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treatise devoted to that disease, to meet with some new and interest-
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one is an inflammation, the other merely an obstructed state of the or-
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ignorant rabble. Never was there so much ostentation of wisdom, and
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the mixture now about ready to boil is still further heated until
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paralysis of the bladder or its sphincter, or both, producing retention of urine,
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operations as yet performed on this side of the Atlantic I But as we
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which was discussed bv Drs. Meltzer and MacCallum, the dis-
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were white, firm, and rather plump. This condition resulted, apparently, from
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toms seems to be somewhat shorter-lived; 75 per cent, of these