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important part in the functions of these organs. The mucous
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•qualities. For instance, in the chapter devoted to suppuration, he
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was written in May or June, 1848," — that is to say, mare than
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when firm pressure was made with the fingers along the bone.
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centre with this needle : the animal is thrown into the most vio-
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of the general health ; and, with certain few exceptions, the local
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is much disturbed by the connection being thus interrupted so
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culated of all other expedients,, to impart strength and vitality to
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up, but it is very convenient to leave it open, so that
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tendency in this disease to take on gastric or gastro- enteric inflam-
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facilitate the working of this plan, our colleagues have " sanctioned"
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stomach, The patient will rarely suffer from thirst if treated
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The other case differed from the one just described, in presenting
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elimination of iron in the economy. {Archiv. fur experimentelle
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tion of the stitches and adhesive strips. On the 2d February, another
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natures to papers, and who were reputed to be skilled in the comparison
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those of the sclerotic, on the other hand, do not heal
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plied partly by both plants, and thus a communication has been
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tion of the brain. Many a man, who might otherwise have
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spun yarn, we proceeded to attempt the reduction. If we had
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the sympathetic nervous system is so profound as to keep it
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interest and prosperity : we were identified with the inception of the
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our colleges. If four months were required when the present college
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pylorus, and is followed by hypertrophy. In old ulcers with a
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general warmth ; but as the influence exerted by this method oi
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are extremely valuable and full of interest. In treating of Peri-
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by inoculation with syphlitic virus, is obtaining foothold in high
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ished. By opening the bowel opposite the mesenteric attach-
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tractions of the heart, and deadening the sensibility of the lungs,
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other Niams, neighbors of the first, anthropophagi like them, but deprived
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surfaces, and a great many small ones — and the formation of
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credit, that it is indigenous to the south of France, where it has
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The main objection I have invariably found Surgeons raise against
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whatever. The secretion soon followed without any more dis-
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the edge upward and inclining toward the tumor, and likewise
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plumb, gr, ii,-iii., op. gr. i.) This was also found very useful in
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all conditions and ages, without a dangerous symptora following
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straight-forward way ; let them use the great engine of modern business,
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was found diseased, and was removed with Liston's bone forceps..
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three or lour joints, for the reception and protection of the two
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bling of fecal matter, the motion never getting freely and com-
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ly delicate, kept him in a constant state of ill health; yet he had no time to be sick,
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Practically in this disease I deem all saline cathartics objec-