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by full pathologic descriptions, the pathologic data having been obtained
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direction of the SPA president, Paul arranges all aspects of
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and also all control cases show the lowest record at this hour.
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the convenience of description, be classified under two heads,
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from he himself being one of the brightest stars in the clinical firma-
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external popliteal and the sciatic nerve show hardly any diseased fibres — or,
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after the flea had fed on an infected rat. It is evident that it must be
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not likely to be acquired to anything like the same extent. Sometimes a
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can effect a cure by the application of gypsum or felt
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tion of the bowels, except by enema, since tetanus set in.
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the opinion that one should not delay operation. The external wound
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length of operation, half an hour; death in two weeks.
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cases may be a very early rosacea, but in none of them other-
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A similar question may arise early in pregnancy, when a woman who
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slate baths have been erected, and by the removal of the
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administered in teaspoonfuls constantly ; for instance, milk, eggs, beef -tea,
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detection of the gas, which may be five weeks, as in one
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act fixes its moral quality, they should not ity of the patient's observations. It is also
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val of fifteen minutes. I then commenced to divide the
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result. The patients were from twenty to thirty years of age. Of 577
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of suprarenal extract would cause a rise of the blood
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As to the first manifestation of the complaint, he says : —
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treated by Dr. Buckingham with this remedy alone was ten days.*
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In their clinical course the influenza infections are more favorable than
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