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M-piece, which is difficult to explain. This may be due to the absence

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time he expresses regret that the physicians of that school

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a continuing medical education (CME) course on a variety of

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septic gastritis. The writer has looked in vain in a number of cases of

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electrocardiograph tracings. There did not seem to be much hope

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of acute degenerative changes in the heart muscle, liver and kidneys,

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,nd aflford great assistance to the student.— i'T. 0.

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have in part disappeared, and the joint cavity is divided up by bands of

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the face and the scapulo-huineral muscles. Am. .J. M. Sc.,

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678 WILBUR, ADDIS : urobilin: its clinical significance

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^eemsh The blue colour is entirely destroyed by acids, and is also de-

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setter, the thorax is particularly long, with a very acute subcostal

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Marysville, April 23, to C. D. Mills, his long-time partner, and

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on, we are told that sundry qualifications, as soft, striated, hard,

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Indies during the same year it was 35.56 ; and in the United

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you for your support and for the opportunities to work side-by-

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of unknown age, got an indefinite quantity of the milk daily

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but to the i)rofes3ion at large. We do not pretend to

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Fra^-klin, C. B., Inspector-General of Hospitals, died August

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differs from neuralgia in the limitation of pain to the affected museles,in

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Marks or Cicatrices borne by each Patient respectively.

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will drill and work, and when properly trained fight

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was six weeks old, at about three fourths of an inch from the body. The

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Journal of the American Medical Association, a resolution which

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to talk of three score years and ten making the proper span of human life.

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aggravated this condition. No pain at this time. A few months

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not incomparable with the size of the waves. In the homo-

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one of the species kept and viewed as sacred in the

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able and more easily precipitable form. The abnormality in the piirin

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slightly elevating the head, leaving the tongue free, and pouring

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only alternative is to vaccinate — and to do it quickly and upon

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%j^^ Students are requested, on their arrival in this city, to call at the College and register their

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rates observed in institutions, and among the general population under

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Physical Examination, — Physical examination revealed a pale, fairly wdl

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after a certain number of crosses, these animals to be eligible to entry

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and the roseola may cover the entire surface, including

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exhausted before admission of the liquid, so that the entire filtration was