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tary system of medical care has made greater progress

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Dr-Mrs Robert A Starr — Mr Ben Ray; MW Stuessy, MD; Mr-Mrs George Bennett

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the publication, subscription, or advertising department of the Jour-

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toxines, microbes, phagocytes, ferments and defensive

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foramen, there was a considerable amount of old fibrinous

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that he may have to practice physic or surgery, or both, and if such

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guardians ordered or authorised such extra work, did they

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fortunate enough till this day to witness one of these

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I have obtained the best results in the treatment of furunculosis. In

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those ground them; and when there is no art, no attempt at im-

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point, dull; in the axillary region clear percussion to the fifth rib; below this point, dull.

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la mobilisation dans le traitement des fractures ; thforie et

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while she is sucking, droplets of clear fluid may be

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The multiplication of these microbes, which have most often entered through

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cates it. since the sensibility is as great there as at their origin, though with varieties that

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malady : watching, the want of rest, confinement in the unwhole-

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Sea urchin spines are of two types: they may be dangerously

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been described in the foregoing, and some stress laid

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dominal wound. To stitch it to the a[)oneurosis rather

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Trautman, Alex., 12 W. 22d St., New York, New York Co.

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ent rate of progress, must be more and more dependent upon

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in a recognised Laboratory, and the Practice during six

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but not to a degree sufficient to induce the parents to seek sur-

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Oct 21 Cancer Conference - 12:00 PM; Rapid City Regional Hospital-West Auditorium Info: Cancer Registry - 341-8705.

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end, the room should be well ventilated by direct en-

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The administration of testes was followed by no decrease in glandular

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mishaps that occur frequently. You are compelled to spend

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(6) Pain is usually present to a marked degree. It is dull and boring in

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accident. Removal of the bone was followed by relief

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apart as far as possible two broad groups of cases; namely, the cases in

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ment for superficial epithelioma of the skin, I would choose the

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divides them into three classes: the endothelioma of lymphatics, the endo-

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water, may tend to relieve the sense of distress, etc.,