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other diseases. Of late years S the number of deliveries
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But the points of its differential diagnosis can bet
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instantaneousness or seizure but if the effusion be
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To overcome the difficulties in the wiring of bones I
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personal application of broad principles. Without the
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studies must be made in custodial State institutions.
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variation of temperature giving a high daily range and these
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proper performance of which the lives and happiness of his
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whereas in cases in which the paralysis is obviously
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This test was first applied by Csepai to his hypophyseal cases in
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from the lower part of the vessel a rubber tube leads to
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glands in every case. In one ease the lesions were limited exclusively
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night when she was fatigued and that changes of weather seemed to
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place. It may be expedient after the knife has been
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soluble in water. Sodium salts are soluble with the single
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forced to resort to many diverting tricks and devices in order to
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mucous fluid. The management of such conditions has been discussed under
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be clearly outlined by palpation and resembles a slowly
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cember. The division consisted of less than ten thousand fighting
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the age limit of entrance into medical practice but it
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namely into the spinal canal. Various antisera to the meningo
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dislocation there is as a rule lengthening in fracture there
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theless when the immediate effects are got over the consequent collapse of
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The thoracic examination showed asymmetry right side more prom
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ward but the forward displacement is far more common.
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urine darkened on standing and the same change was pro
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ably the two conditions which are most frequently mistaken for
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Youths with wrinkled faces are usually masturbators.
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Mrs. S. died on the seventeenth day of September two months after
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The clitoris is widely cleft the labia entirely absent or
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hrdriodale s. iodine dr. dissolye the extract of co
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intermission and be freely fed with milk broths and other light food
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The Year Book of Treatment for. A Critical Eeview for
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cases of single split seldom great. My experience has
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All the sections were very thinly attended nevertheless the
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lying down suggests air as well as fluid in the pleural cavity. There
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cargo of slaves. There followed other consignments dis
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catalogue of medical and surgical publications. Among the most recent
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progress of the human race and its improvement by education Educa
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To the remarks which have been made as to the causes
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