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There are books filled with the exploits of quacks ; but what

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Parasit. No. 23, 1893.— 48. Plimmer, H. G. "Vesicles on Conjunctiva," Trans.

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washing with acid alcohol (ethyl alcohol containing 2 or 3 percent

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or refusal of this deliverance they regard as a grievance which justifies

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and the skin is usually flushed, but there is no loss of weight comparable

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slightingly of their special science and remedial processes.

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the backs of the hands and fingers as far as the first phalangeal joints, and

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for many things, it was especially efficacious for the cure

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of their endowments and the ends for which they employed

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Figure 8 ®, page 58, "Normal and abnormal white corpuscles," is taken

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whilst extending actively at the periphery, are clear in the centre, it is

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and marked acceleration of the heart's action, followed by prostration.

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tion between individual papules almost impossible. The presence of

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The flapping movement of the hands thus produced may recall an

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"Tables of Weights of School Children," Report of State Board of Health, Massachusetts,

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dermia as it has in myxoedema ; the most that he could say of it was

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Wyndham Cottle in 1877, in the St. George's Hospital Reports; but the

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Desquamation is not marked, except as a sequel to vesication and its

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the umbilicus. From time to time undoubted instances of peculiarity in

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to suppurate, leaving ulcers with undermined edges ; and by the absence

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hysterical symptoms may be present, and among these notably hemi-

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This unexpected outburst saved the day, but Professor Lan-

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edges by " skin-sliding " as the case will permit. Should caustics be em-

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gives a method of transplanting diseases from man into the

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The hypertrophied and hardened horny layers of the epidermis

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poor Dr. Cadogan of George II.'s London, whose domestic

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character common to " simple tremor," to "senile tremor," and U> all the