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present paper is that in cases showing evidence of intoxication there is
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to me. There was no fever and no local signs, except slight tenderness on
vomiting or purging as in hydrocephalus, fee. Antimonials,
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continued to flow. There had been frequent chills, but I found
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fluids usually results from the use of improperly distilled water,
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cipitation through complement fixation to toxin-antitoxin aggregates, are
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her lethargy ; but a second convulsion, in less than an hour
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2 or 3 mm. During inspiration the air is sucked through the stenosis,
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radiogram showed that the head had penetrated about 1 cm. more deeply
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of B. typhosus from tissues or secretions. Mixed with peptone and glycerol
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An epispastic to the sacro-iliac region would without doubt,
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six days while controls lived 6.9 days. When the diuretin was
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even if the size of the particles be variable. Streptococcus gives poor
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intercostal spaces described by Sabourin in 1910 as a means of localizing
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from this circumstance, disposed to use the term Hydrocepha-
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statement is made, so that the relative frequency is unknown,
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which perforate, and that the chief factor in production of the perforation
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clinical observer and pathologist. The literature of the subject
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Graves's disease and myxoedema. JV. York M. J., 1921, 113, 370-4.
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two sexes, clearly visible, a longer time of observation (1 hour) is needed.
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as the result of a profound disturbance of the protein metabolism (Paton,
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changes were of the same kind and must be interpreted in the same
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An .r-ray examination reveals a cow-horn stomach, and a rather bulbous
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recorded have mostly resulted from serious alterations brought about in the