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was no explanation, but probably referred to her own past
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from the pleurae in the same case. Figs. 46-53 are from pleurisy fol-
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out leaving the least traces behind. I use with good
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of forty-eight hours, and frequently sooner. When life is prolonged for
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cal profession. A conference has recentlv been held
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ing out of the left sphenoidal sinus resulted in no apparent
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immobilization of the bacilli, but no true clumping. This is sometimes
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7. .•\ddress on the Prevention of Mortality from Pelvic
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to 2°. The loss of 2° was, however, very rare. The average was about
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should be to prevent the entrance of food only. The
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fancy and use it. as a test for the motility of the
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trisch-neurologischen Klinik, Leipzig. Berlin: S. Kar-
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bers of the congress, and a number of' excursions into
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Ernst Tobias, Berlin. Halle a.S: Carl Marhold, 1910.
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The Management of Glaucoma.— S. O. Richey (Washington) has never
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(chronic relapsing) presenting some unusual features. He gave, on
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these were in women. In six cases, all women, there was movable kidney,
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which it gives rise is bearable by the great majority of patients. (3) It never
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Gmito-urinaire, 1897, Xo. 2) concludes a lengthy paper on this subject as fol-
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necessary for the surgery of the middle ear are quite as delicate as those
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Spleen not noticeably enlarged. History after admission to the hos-
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piration ceased five minutes before the cardiac and
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and of the dififerent State hospital superintendents
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and discuss methods for the correlation of the work of
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may anticipate the natural termination of the disease by injections of the
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As worthy special commendation is the clear exposition of the changes
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cohol the causative, or at least the loosening factor,
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be of much benefit. Venesection will frequently give relief if there be evi-
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hours after the operation. Light -perception returned and ultimately ability
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most satisfactory to the editor and his adz'isers will rc-
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tion of surgical rules to the treatment of diseases of the middle ear have
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tinuous state of worry, grief, rage, and aggravation
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ony for Glasgozc. — The Glasgozv Infant Health Vis-
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tricle cause congestion of the right ventricle and the veins of the general
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atomy in the Jefferson Medical College, and the changes