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that species of miasmata which is evolved in crowded, ill-ventilated ships,

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has a sweetish, nauseating taste. At the present time he chiefly complains

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of his lower extremities. During his stay in the hospital the urine was intensely

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In Canada and the United States, it is a fact well known from their earliest

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possible, to reclaim the delinquent negroes from their slothful habits,

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middle of the lesion. The completed individual lesion was about 2 mm.

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Many of the conventional signs of pericarditis were absent, such as

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tion. The seasons glide imperceptibly into each other, exhibiting no great

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3. There is a correspondingly rapid diminution in the size of the

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head without producing apoplectic symptoms. The following case, mentioned

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and in opposition both to well-known pathological laws and the direct

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isms grow in pasteurized milk; they grow rapidly at 22° C, and they grow

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of the cyst, he condemns these operations as being serious, difficult, and calci;-

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ischen Falle von Morbus Basedowii. Inaugural-Dissertation, Kiel, 1911.

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ed, and presenting a black appearance. An incision being made

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service in a few of these cases, although its general efficacy appeared

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previously, to a fine healthy child. I have seen her several times since; her ar-

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has had no miscarriages. Alcohol and tobacco in moderation. Gives an

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labor, or the head of any department, school, or institution of the

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With urines containing bile, if the amount of urobilin is not very

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tracted. There is excessive retraction of the upper eyelids not only upon

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this time he went on doing well, and resumed his labor without any unplea-

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rence of absorption of urobilin from retained stools, for the absolute

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Dr. Ringer: I would like to add to Dr. Leathes' remarks that diabetics

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.slight causes, apparently incapable of producing that modification of nervous

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was born, and the rest of the body remained in the passages; and

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49. New Caustic for the Treatment of Cancerous Diseases. — This new thera-

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quoted the signs or symptoms appeared in the first twenty-one

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as the lancet, or leeches, or calomel, I should certainly say nitrate of potash and

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taking place in the functions of the organs into which these textures

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evinces also the great ability with which the contributors to the series

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frequently vary much in character. Usually we cannot obtain

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In the first chapter we are presented with an account of the functional

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were developed, a more active treatment was necessary. An incision cross-way.*^

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conceived. The principle upon which it was based, was the obliteration of the

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ous lesions of the phenomena of the life of relation. In the most violent form