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seduce him from the straight paths of scientific investi-
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how to write clearly, answered, ' Think clearly.' This
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Cass, Charles F. Leshbridge, Eobert C. Beck, Thomas
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be convinced by fair arguments that oiur view is an
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narrator recommends the use of these gaseous injections in that form
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loss of liquid by vomiting and i^urging, is fatal to
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given to homoeopathy, in order to ascertain whether it
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from the top of an omnibus, which was not in motion
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that secondary cerebral lesions had akeady resulted.
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Moore's, Mr, Wm. D. statistical view of the comparative fre-
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stituted, under the name of Medical Travellers. Its
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any way proper, to make laws or regulations for pre-
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perature or by concussion ; and physiologically, they