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very tractable cases along-side of two very malignant ones, all
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understand that the section of the sympathetic nerve
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The mortality is increased when developed during the course
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The lack of interest in these issues puzzles me greatly. But in reviewing the issue,
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higher the organization, the more exposed to disease, the
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not be carried to a satisfactory extent ; distension was,
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remarkable coincidences and by experiments made first upon
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enon which deserves to be noted ; this compression causes
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of inquiry, suggests that the principal use of the uvula
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on apace, some grow pursy and others shrivel up ? ^ Such ex-
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The accompanying table illustrates the number and mor-
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cavity ? The difference in the two cases is readily ex-
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crease the vigor of the heart without counterbalancing injurious
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port which is most often associated with the work of the President's
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longer or shorter time, according to the requirements of
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It will be observed that I have been practising my method
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noted in hare-lip, a proper appreciation of the ordi-
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" Fellows of the Association, not in arrears, and Fellows ap-