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Uterus small, with dense peritoneal adhesions. Both tubes
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During my sojourn in India I have been struck with some re-
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Translated from the French of Dr. Maurice de Fleury
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much it alters the relations of the arches of the vertebrae to one another
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medication is radical ; strikes at the heart of the trouble ; whereas
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this organ preserves its movements ; even when the muscular fiber and
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ovary, oviduct, and uterus, which join together to form the simple
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tival inflammation. Its use seems to be revived and announced as a novelty
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made with the knife, and as small as possible, just large enough to
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It will be observed that the percentages of failure through other
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vals after the second attack of unconsciousness. The records obtainei
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the diagnosis may be made only by a relapse or the appearance of some
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making it effective. It seems probable we shall hear from him before
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the clinician ought to be well versed in the knowledge of an-
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under my observation. Partial ease was obtained, for a short time,
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a well-known ignoble house of rascally quacks ; and obtained his
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weight given to that symptom. Besides this, Parry gives five
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rectum had occurred. The presence of calculus having been
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Hirschberg's Gentralbl. f. Augenheilk. 1885, p. 219. 3. HEIMAN. Archiv f. Pediatr.
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side. Ultimately wasting of the muscles takes place.
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quantity of cadmia are rubbed together with vinegar, and that being put into an
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a great many cases are found reported where a post mortem proved air
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of a hospital, or that infectiveness persisted after all visible symptoms had
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tify any considerable doubts on this head. " The absence,"
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shadow, but as far as could be made out there was no difference
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tuberculosis at the Henry Phipps Institute in Philadelphia, and found
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plied. When they became dry, they formed a flrm splint and
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virus is in the saliva, and though there is a minimum risk of
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rents the practice of all that is gentle and lovable and courteous
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well what legislation is necessary, and it would seem as if it would
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and unremitting energy, and a good heavy Spanish whip
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Thk patient wa.s a married woman, aged '27, who had had one child,
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change taking place in the liver consists of a fatty infiltration, and