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vectors of Borrelia burgdorferi. In the United States it

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36 Hill : Fixation of Left Vocal Cord and Tracheal Tugging

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Infant Mortality. — From the 121 cases in the series 123

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Report of the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, for

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the ferments of the gastric juice and their zymogens 210

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tion, to early impressions; or to varied power in sensorial action,

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Gangrene of the lung sometimes supervenes and is indicated by

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and the constant companionship of the mother. If the patient

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lungs themselves do not appear to be a seat for rheumatism,)

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of the heart, the viscus stopping suddenly in its beat, and

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girl, living some miles distant from the first patient. They

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history, chemical examination, etc., showed the case to be pure

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tion can be recommended with confidence. Stones in the

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band is the opened-out cervix ; it is of a bluish-red colour (due to ecchymoses) and

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and it is unimportant, if, at first, the surfaces of the bones cannot

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