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The electrical reactions which are those of a peripheral palsy have con

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the pulmonary artery and tricuspid orifice by a fragment of the tumor which

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the mischief was extending along the small intestine

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vomiting exists to such an extent that nourishment can not

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with the forceps. It weighed gt. o grains and was composed of oxalate

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the temperature of the joints was increased to the touch. The

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tion and the thickening of the cuticle around the openings.

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cases they might be primarily rheumatic and secondarily infected.

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My experience with such cases confirms that of Dr. West as indi

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bolic acid. One part of carbolic acid crystals to about fifteen

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tion necessary for the digestion of proteids and in turn

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feed him sufficiently and not to allow him any millet. This he

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syphilis but he confesses to have suffered from buboes resulting from a strain.

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untoward incident. A more serious event occurred in a

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Dr. Mix Does it feel natural here about inches above the


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alone and the variations should not be charged to the endocarditis but

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The mode of transmission of the disease from animal to

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lor human capabilities. Entomologists can easily acquire a knowl

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