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filamentous fungus with a relatively complicated structure, it is perhaps

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saffron, colocynth, croton oil, gamboge, aloes, hellebore, ergot, cantha-

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She was sent to me for treatment. Her right arm became numbed after

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He laid in bed upon his back, from which position he could not rise

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from the alveolus, either by rupture of the alveolar wall, or by passing

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The Supporter Is of simple construction, and can be applied by thepallent without further aid. With-

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with medical Science : an adequate knowledge of the Latin language, and a good moral character..

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a high level, readings of 104° being quite common, and there is little or

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The broad facts to be remembered in connection with syphilis are as

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endocardium, but more frequently as a valvular condition with the usual

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dose of the perchloride has been swallowed, an acrid metallic taste, accom-

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whilst most of the leguminous plants, such as the kidney-bean, turn the

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they would be much gratified with the results. This is an opinion based

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the extent the system may bear and the disease require. It«is full of

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Pathological. — (A) Many specific fevers both in the acute stage and in

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proper to consider in connection, A. Imperfect aeration of the blood

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of an hemorrhoidal flux or of an epistaxis, furnishes a special indica-

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iaflanimation : iiut part must be reserved for another entire lecture an

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a truth, the disease was held to be the progeny of the divinities of love

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Mass. ; N. J. Knigbt, M.D., Troro, Mass, ; Geo. H. Perry, M.D.,

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such cases the irritation is conveyed to the pulp by means of the dentinal

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mercury, containing a sixteenth of a grain of hyd. perchlor., in an ounce of

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and, on leaving her, directed that should the pain appear to ascend and the

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Prognosis. — The attack is followed by the usual effects of cerebral

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resemble pericardial friction rather than an endocardial murmur.

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protracted suffering from it ; even in the case of physicians, wiio vere

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With the family. The only difficulty, and one which I believe is no-

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I have adverted particularly to typlious fever, as a disease in which

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they spring up very rapidly. They evince a great disposition to unite

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from each other owing to paralysis of the dorsal interossei. What strikes an

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an habitual employment of it. But these apprehensions, 1 must thinky

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it involves the oculo-motor nerves. The nuclei of the ciliary muscle and of

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often produce, in consequence of the looseness of the cellular tissue of