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finally settled, not by ingenious talk, but by tlie method of obser-
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out the frequency of tonsillitis as a causative factor; warns against the
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would, however, enter our protest against the use of a syringe for
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choroid, tubercular deposits are carefully described, and a case
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them as animals, whilst at another they appear to be as distinctly
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The first step in the operation is to sterilize each loop by flaming
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No. 34. — Actual cautery applied twice ; greatly relieved ; the cure pro-
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2. Competent evidence to support the common statements
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in regard to the preparation and employment of the baths at a patient's
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excoriated. On examining the eye, a very distinct light yellow
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substance, usually, but not always, about the centre of the cell.
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neous' (Virchow), so long mistaken under lower power for a mass
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The duration of the treatment is decided by the grade of inflammation,
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proof of his proposition, they adduce abundant evidence to show
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bom in 1817, so that he was in the 52d year of his age. He
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Dog No. 99. — November 11, 1908: Inoculated subculaneously (strain No. 96).
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this charge than the authors of similar Reports which have come
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indicating my reasons for suspecting diphtheria. I received the
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The etiology of asylum dysentery has been investigated in many
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to say anything in the least approaching to a general condemnation
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spirilla (spirochaetes?) from the mouth, which he claimed to be
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From the notes of Dr Mackintosh of Hamilton, I extract the fol-
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luid no regulating power over his lower extremities. Tliey moved
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2 or 3 light cigars a day, which must never be smoked before mid-day
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Silver Nitrate. — Silver nitrate is peculiarly valuable, as it has an
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communications were made to the English Universities. The results of these
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and the old to pass their days under control, the next generation
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hospital gangrene, noma, appendicitis, diphtheria, foetid bronchitis,
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teristics upon which so much stress is laid, viz., The absence of
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Cracked Lips. — For cracked lips, especially in fever, lanolin, cold
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less wind. An exception might be made of Las Vegas, the summer tem-
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Within forty miles of the coast. Southern California possesses an ideal
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his physical resistance, all enter the problem, which must therefore be a
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The spleen is only shghtly enlarged, but its capsule, particularly
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potass, which latter appeared to produce very beneficial effects.
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On reflecting the skin, fascia, and external oblique muscle on the