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rotation. Torticollis better called collum tortum or perhaps
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nelly Vice President of the American Institute of Elec
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and body and anything which deleteriously affects either
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Many of those were farmers from the country who rode many miles
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chronic is surgically speaking a very simple problem
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ered. They were badly stunted however. The remaining pigs lived
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treatment was adopted which consisted in regulating
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the lids the globe rolls upwards and inwardly drawing the upper lid
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blisters. The improvement followed slowly. At the end of three
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theoretical objections have little weight. So late as last
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oils hold solid volatile oils in solution. When allowed to
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Kidneys rough surface considerable interstitial change
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mental and physical exhaustion makes a complete recovery
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brought together to contribute to the same progress. But it is in
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says undoubtedly cause contraction of the uterus and the spleen the
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The American species yield fruits similar to Star Anise
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many of our most striking results have been obtained in patients who
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is the best basis of pathology. We must therefore discover the natural
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We have advised persons that it is not well to drink cold
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finger then with the other or the tip of one finger with
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licism as to the therapeutic value of proteal ther
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dominal pains nausea and sometimes diarrhoea. Occasionally the appe
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When it causes no functional disturbance and is unaccompanied
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increased number of breaths to the nxinute which in healthy
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smoking control programme in young people. Broncho Pneumologie
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ceptional form of lupus erythematosus Dr. Sequeira s
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acute prostatitis ends in the gradual shrivelling of the