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of cases of dysentery in one ward as compared with control wards
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plugs were in the tubes. Opsonic determinations were made after
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impart beauty and mellowness and muscularity, are being digested
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Isolated from contaminated well water by Phelps and Ham-
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The epidemic, which threatened to destroy several hundred
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evidently understood all that was said to him, and tried to answer.
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ammoniae, sp. gr. '959, were mixed together, and fifteen drops of
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lens and capsule after removal in glycerine for a mouth, and a suit-
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the cysts must have been of great size when they ruptured, the de-
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has both local and general effects. The circulation, particularly of the
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investigations of the many distinguished men, British and foreign,
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amounts of concentrated alcohol, 100-150 G. (3-5 oz.) of whiskey, brandy
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recorded. One element of the personal equation was thus elimi-
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aerating surface, and that it may be lessened in one of two ways,
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C5 H N2 O2, OHamHO, C5 H N2 O2 = Cio H2 N4 O4. 2H0. NH3.
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The recommendation of that Education Committee of your Council is, that,
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ally be relieved. When there is extreme cachexia and emaciation, the
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of water excreted. The drugs themselves, of which there are a great
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little has been done, but the discoveries have been, as a rule, of
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to 100 G. of carbohydrate, without glycosuria. About this time, especially
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that certain propositions which I advanced in my treatise on Stone,
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hot bath. Diuretics sometimes assist in getting rid of the effusion. "We
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It therefore occurred to me that it would be a most useful hypnotic
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acute pneumonia, because the patient does not live long enough to
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thesia, as to permit of the extraction of teeth, or the painless appli-
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hypodermic syringe under the skin of the thigh. 3.44. — Apparently
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Only six out of 20 punctures made during and after crisis yielded
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Dr Paulson said he had met with a case in which separation of
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that locality. While they are present on the Isthmus, they do
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1908, and since then 97 strains have been isolated from dogs in
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and in other structures, the accumulations of cells and evidence of
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condolence with one of his oldest and most worthy antagonists, who
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I do not feel very confident about being always able even yet to
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exception of glycinin, we determined also the minimum sensi-
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deaths to admissions, we iind that they were in Agra, 38*33 ,• in
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change. Rheumatism is an ailment connected with families, and a
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ances of digestion, and affections of the respiratory tract and of the
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In case of overabundant secretion, the stoppage of the nose may be
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means unlikely that ether is capable of penetrating into the leu-
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of muscular paralysis, and from those of progressive muscular
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Vichy, Elster, Franzensbad, or Rippoldsau, [Mt. Clemens, French Lick
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benefit, as well as have most of those treated in the Fango Institute at
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the production of antibodies, yet the reaction against the plant
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to avert such an unfortunate result. Those abscesses, it is true, are
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and able to work, 13 per cent, have relapsed and recovered, 8 per cent,