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*It is with deep sorrow that I record the death of this noble young man. On March

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Kurloff. Cited by Ehrlich and Lazarus- Die Anaemic, Nothnagel's

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paralysis can no longer be sustained, he states that the symptoms

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As an illustration of the indistinctness with whicli the expression "relapse" is

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ing shall have the privilege of sending one delegate."

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answer to the supplication of Christians from the moment the " Lord's

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of this method and the various surgical conditions in which it has

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lieing very closely related to i, and Initial u' to i!.

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had been found by his assistant sitting in an arm-chair

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attacks of pain continue; they are still controlled by

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47. Tracheotomy 'performed by the Galvavo-canatic "knife. — M. VRkNEUir,

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ether apparatus used by most professional anesthetizers

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twenty drops of dilute nitro-muriatic acid were too large

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It is hardly necessary to enter into an extended re-

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influence positively or negatively the nutrition of these distant organs.

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this question of education. Once the profession is convinced of the

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time of factor X, which I also measured, and of prothrombin,

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the evening visit to mv ward, on the 26th, the nurse ac-

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thesis that in the latter position some nerve-force

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spinal cord, which ended fatally on the thirty-seventh day, the autopsy failing to

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days after the unilateral ligation of the fourth, fifth, and sixth lumbar roots.

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their desire to do justice in the premises they are willing to

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Medicare through monthly premiums will not be covered for

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of the poor in crowded cities, this is attributed, by many persons, to.

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Cervix Uteri, which I read to the Society. Some of my

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accidental, not occurring by chance, but regular, never deviat-

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ments and the mechanical and chemical theory of the cause of ulcer,

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This is one of the wonderful developments of this age, and

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is on the right side of the larynx and attached by a

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umes, has just appeared, containing ninety scientific articles by

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the several British companies were of uniform design, the vehicles being

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you please, is beneficial, there is a time when the vital forces begin to

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idea to the patient's mind as the more scientific terms

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Marching in Column of Files to Form Column of Twos.

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tion. In every herniotomy the danger of wounding the bladder must

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tions must be partly hygienic and partly medicinal. The patient must be

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the diagnosis ; if they cease the case is one of hysteria, if they persist-

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Successful Treatment of Carbuncle, with pure Carbolic Acid. By Dr. J. L. Napier 540

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solicit attention, a closer mode of inquiry was instituted, and we

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pressure pulse has the same contour in the coronary as in the systemic

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the body and hectic fever, but it may likewise, though not so fre-

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has quite definitely enlarged. It was made out on the first examina-

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