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the plane of polarization to the left ; but having been crystallized and

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prevent the cream from swimming when dished up, or when transported long

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1 Non-resident Medical Officers may be appointed, with the sanction of the

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both ends in the wound, or near the wound, iu order

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When one month old the child had had a severe attack of

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been any actual lesion can be only conjectured. The fall

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together without any sign of paresis. This synii)tom is considered here

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ecchymosis was produced by the ligature. Professor Vrolik of Amsterdam found,

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tion to this case, was the unimpaired condition of the menstrual function ;

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the disease ; occasionally the heart affection precedes that of the joints,

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albumin and a few casts. Phthalein excretion was 24 per cent, in two hours.

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tsetse fly, along with mosquitoes, prefers dark-colored garments. The

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Research. Suitably qualified students will be given opportunity to partic-

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in the oesophagus, but differing from it in being smaller and

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bis question, signalizes the true indications of operation, and distinguishes

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Instead of trying to modify the present cumbersome law, as

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Symptoms. — Simple or Dyspeptic Diarrhoea. — Usually evidences of

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withdrawn, after which she again returned to Boston, receiving-

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creosote. I had for a long time believed that these paroxysms were caused

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possible deficiencies. There has never been any doubt

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seems to make for the fission theory, that no matter how

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time, under irrigation with a i to 1,000 bichloride of

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impulses; it seems also to be diastolic c it is less marked

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in ihij of water, let the patient take a wineglassful thrice a day, or

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diseases are: (a) The so-called "blue edema" of hysteria. This is discussed under

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Boyles, J. H, Greensboro, P. and S., Bait., 1903 1903 1904

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tion. The central and peripheral nervous system was nor-