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to diagnosis to be derived from a symptom which he has frequently observed,

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rupture through the left broad ligament and lower uterine segment; the

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Compulsory Health Insurance. Who will make up the deficit?

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the chest-wall is more prominent than elsewhere. Here the intercostal

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* Diseases of the Bones, by Thomas Jones. London, 1887.

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cancer of the uterus die from peritonitis. If, as is remarked, also on

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Diseases of the bladder and urethra are treated very superficially.

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and careless administration of the most powerful anesthetic

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nosis of pulmonary Tuberculosis in the incipient stage.

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Csesarean section for carcinoma of the uterus in which the tumor was so

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arrests these poisonous substances and restores them to the intes-

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Toward midnight on day after admission, large quantities of

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the gullet. Below this the oesophagus was normal. In the stomach near the

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cases, three of which present very unusual features, viz. : one is a case

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view of the favorable results obtained by Landerer in the treatment of

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4. Establishing private clinics, as the Mayo Clinic and similar

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true chronic nephritis may, for some time, compensate for declining

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stated she had an appendectomy without relief. She had passed

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