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(3) A thinner ectal zone of flattened tetragonal cells lying in

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most important and sometimes only sure means of cure, and one

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is ethically quite wrong since we should in every case have an

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universal use of the alkaloids of Peruvian bark in the treatment of

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pathological dislocations, flail-like joints and loss of length of limb, rarely

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tressing symptom. As in children, the patient is subject to attacks of

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cause and duration was obtainable ; no heart disease or history of rheu-

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probable that rheumatism and heart disease were the causes of the

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heroin. He may also, upon an unofficial prescription blank, issue

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a discrimination which may tend to make the public feel that

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lesion the literature on the subject, so far as accessible, does not contain

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four centimetres long, through the skin of both mastoids, exposed the bone.

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fects of shell explosion may result in transitory or permanent

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ecation presents a marked eversion. This type of eversion or

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tober 14, 1889), considers the accumulation of gas in the bladder and its

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commission, "to help in determining the lines of the best service

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less after each effort. Nearly all the voluntary movements of the body were

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full amount of relief until they have regularly carried out the local

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cases. But the patient declared that she would be entirely satisfied if the

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of improvement, has been very successfully promoted, and upon good

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opened after a normal deliver}'. This has healed from time to

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attention. Just below the columns of Morgagni are about eight

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courses have diverged and they are diverging more and more every

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(1) It is bounded caudad (ectad) by the line of junction of

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I. Diphtheria. — Treatment is local, consisting of the painting of the pharynx

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of it this would appear to be the case, as a constructive, concilitory

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M. KIRMISSON {Archives Qmhales de Medecine, November, 1889). Of three

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fering from chorea and melancholia with delusions ; is now demented

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active measures by the use of one or the other of these solutions.

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place apart among coagulable liquids. Of these elements, the hsemato-

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this test is reliable for lactic acid, and that substances which

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after emptying out the drug from the paper in which it was con-

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unless a locus minoris resistentice be found. This has been well

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from Schrotter's clinic in which he was enabled with the panelectroscope

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Operation. Right rectus incision over the gall bladder which

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to nature resulted in death. Even where this additional security was