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disease. There is too much truth in tiie highly coloured picture. Leaving
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labour, as we understand the term commonly, then we should
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with the strongest possible checks and safeguards against
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ptoms, and treatment of the disease which may have come
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the meeting at Li mmer's Hotel, Dr. Felix Semon presiding.
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ON the nose (disease of tear-sac : Dacryocystitis) : Antimony, 1 Ro ;
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plete dilatation, it is clearly probable, in the highest degree,
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given by the mouth are not absorbed. The traces found in
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the hands after preliminary washingwith soap and water should be one
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intended bringing was a cake of soap with a thistle on it !
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between tliat spine and the umbilicus. As already mentioned,
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nature of the disease ; for Dr. Dujardin-Beaumetz observed
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B. Tahmisian, St. George's Hospital ; H. H. Thomas. Charing Cross
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cause of death is as obvious as it was in the present
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Birmingham ; Mr. C. Herman, London ; Dr. G. Harley, London ; A. J.
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Twining, A. H.,M.D.Durh.,M.R.C.S., D.P. H.Cantab., reappointed Medical
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L Jones. St. bartlinlomcws Hospital ; N J. Kendal, Mason College,
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diseases shall be put in force against all arrivals from London.
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present, it would no doubt have at once been refuted ; the ap-
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M.D. Honorary Secretaries : W. E. A. Cummins, M.D., 17, St.
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bladder can be sutured either to the duodenum or to the
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Correspondents not answered are requested to lock to the Notices to
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2s. Gd. — that is, half or two- thirds of his income ; and were it
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sisted in a substitution of the particular for the general. The
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were crippled, paralysed, maimed, or deformed ; 54 were
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of a section of the new growth taken fnun the sphenoidal sinus, masses
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of such a necessity. 3. The accusation was made before the committee
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CAMERON- Hunter.— At ■>!, Minto Street, Edinburgh, on May 16th, Albert
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Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Dublin, price one halfpenny : —
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the country, the poisonous reptiles which infest it, the para-
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course not included in the bibliography as those works are
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