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6. Applicators, alumina, large size for protection and filtration, 4 mg. pure radium.

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appearance of the enlargement. This was unquestionably

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weakened uterine ligaments failing to properly support the

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portion of the ureter, genesis of the calculus had occurred at this point.

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Miiller's Physiology. Translated by W. Baly, M. D. London, 1840.

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appropriate walking program. This exercise was per-

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others kill almost like acute infections caused by viru-

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service created for the occasion, and fully qualified to

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time executive program, designed to utilize the Control Data Mass Storage

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house, where forty dinners were served daily; all the supplies were

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might profit by his own example. What can discourage us when Chattertons

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most frequent in the Central region; less so in the Atlantic, and least

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His wife states that ho has been a perfectly healthy

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laboratories, and rooms for the reception and treatment of the abundance of

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final result of all our deliberations was, a determination to

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The contrary experience, namely, a desire for weaker reading

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after death, a red-hot poker was applied to three places on the inside of the

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* Nearly three years ago, I inserted in the Medical Journals a

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the blood moderate in quantity but rich in quality."

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contracted like a round body within the loose folds

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result of enemata in many cases on the fourth day. In six cases collected

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J The deaths in Manchester and Bristol include those of paupers

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Little, Lonnie M., Statesville; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1925; U.N.C 1925 1927

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disease to cholesterol lowering. JAMA 1984; 251 : 35 1-364

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bacilli. The spleen, kidneys, ovaries and uterus all

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As to atheroma affecting the large branches of the arteries

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predispose to their formation. Moreover, the practitioner should

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in its passage, is inferred from the sudden occurrence of great and very

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I punctured the chemosis in several places, with great relief to the patient.

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are not easily distinguished by their position alone ; it is rather by the course

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vered ; that from their habits of life contagious diseases

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ness, that pneumothorax is liable to be confounded with emphysema.

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mous power to a single man — a part of which power is

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number of punctures. The exudations are soon tran>tormetl into cicatri-

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which I saw, and I very much doubted the possibility of a fracture

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President: The motion is that the redistricting of the state

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this affection ; but it did not appear that it occupied the whole

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rations for osteo-sarcoma executed by Professor Syme, Mr. Cusack, of Dublin ;

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which had evidently reached the full term, and could not

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because I could find out at once, right in my office,