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graduating in 1842, and settled in Rochester. He was a member of

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lent vomiting and purging, I gave veratrum alternately with ar-

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votes of thanks were extended to the officers of the Institute,

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etc. Alcoholic stimulants were injurious as a rule, though, when

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indefinite development ; in a word, whether the homoeopathy

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prominent like a beak. Dentition in rachitic children is usually tardy, ir-

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Dr. Charles Vishno corroborated Dr. Wolff's statement in

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tion of State regulation of the practice of medicine seems to us

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tered the Delsarte system has gained that precious possession,

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exhibiting no ill effects resulting from the terrible ordeals

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appearance, to give out as a definite rule that —

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result has been attained, except in the exanthemata, typhoid

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He began practice in New York City in 1874, and in 1875 became

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valuable experience in the prevention and treatment of that disease.

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They are frequent. They are seen in one-tenth of the

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ficial ; if the pains are severe in the hypogastric region, nux or

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surgeon who considers he can base their treatment on his

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median palmar incision of Delorme will allow the surgeon

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1897 Lawrence University conferred upon him the degree of Master of

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which he filled till 1882, when he resigned and was made

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when in contact with the soil in ricochetting, in striking

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the following cases, which will suffice for the present : —

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I measures tending to effect a cure without ablation of

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etc. Occasionally, especially after very severe hemorrhages (e. g., severe

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by permission of the council of the College of Surgeons. It

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intelligent, highly cultivated lady, and an earnest Chris-

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The Decline of Manhood. Third edition. By A. E. Small, A.M., M.D.

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doubtful whether this can occur with pointed bullets. This

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of the Skenes t'uuad fimi; and fortune in the pursuance of

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mothers which shall do away with the careless and foolish errors

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substituted for the milk, and roasted barley added to the beef-

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bryonia, arsenicum, baptisia, and ipecacuanha, with possibly some

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there must be in the former some unhealthy soil, and thought

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starting from a point on the centre of the heel, and going

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sicians, — to attack the monster at any vulnerable point, with

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Diana, who was a little ill. He looked at the new preparation,

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the various local medical societies in lialtimore. He was