Doxazosin Versus Flomax

bed-sores, and gangrene of the lungs. Death may result from the direct
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be affected, or the anterior crural, or some other of the lumbar nerves.
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system; these are manifest in various ways. The tertiary stage may
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thirty, especially in young, delicate persons born of phthisical parents, than
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increased diHieulty in local expansion. In fibroid i)hthisis the retraction
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constituents of which are principally an albuminoid substance called micro-
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tis, gastric ulcer, and intestinal perforation, the shock of the perforation.
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tone up the viscus, cure the attendant cystitis, correct the urine, and
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not taken place in eight weeks, it may be considered a condition of
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tion of an ex2:)osed vessel. In the early stage of phthisis, tubercle will be
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marked. It is not unusual for eruptions to take place on the skin or
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toward their base, and thus assume a puckered appearance. Similar pro-
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protoplasm undergoes a process of atrophy, and the spore remains free.
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of friction, the bone drill may be introduced through the skin, and a
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cede, take the place of, or follow heart sounds. Pericardial sounds are
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teriorly as posteriorly. It may even be normal in front and dull and wooden
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whioh enables them to do their work acceptably and with comparative ease.
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portion of the intestine. In many cases the intestine becomes dilated, and
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out which the diagnosis is uncertain. It is this acid material belched up into
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tricle the heart will be elongated. Dilatation occurs most frequently in
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ally low and muttering in character in the case of the aged or uncultured :
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times intense discoloration of the subcutaneous tissues and skin will
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heart-cavities ; they are more or less firmly adherent to the endocardium.
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on a part of the scalp where there is no hair. The wound should be
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the treatment of all acute renal diseases. At the present time general
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Morbid Anatomy. — On opening a stomach which is the seat of toxic gas-
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may be within the joint itself, or along the tendon-sheaths, and is pro-
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in 20 to 30-drop doses, has been used in Egypt. Kameela {Rottlera tinc-
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A dry, brown, retracted, tremulous tongue is seen only in severe cases.
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This is well seen in the heart, as the result of atheromatous changes in
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as milk, brings on attacks of pain in the stomach, are not true neuroses.
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face feel colder than it really is ; the patient himself rarely complains of be-
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Diffused pulmonary apoplexy may occur from a very large infarction, but
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those of uraemic convulsions. It may be distinguished from the coma of
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asthma. Chronic alcoholismus is one of its frequent causes.
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years. In abscess from other causes than pyemia, the prognosis is favora-
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be mistaken for a femoral hernia. There is evidence of spinal trouble.
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saline or mercurial purges, by taraxacum or podophyllum ; their action will
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and, if possible, remove its cause. Antemic subjects should take iron in
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nomena of heart failure ; if these come on suddenly in one who is suffer-
doxazosin versus flomax
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brandy during twenty-four hours. If this amount will not sustain the