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There was no further haemorrhage, and the recovery was complete

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the influenzal filterable virus could not be excluded.

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obliged to eat before her to enable her by imitation to do so.

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bitter experience that it is necessary for the physi-

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tion for assistant physician, regular or homeopathic,

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silver nitrate irrigations of one to 8.000 or one to

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ture ; every thing was unaltered and healthy. We also examined

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and third twenty-four days ; between this and fourth, about six weeks.

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dreaded that the woman would have suddenly expired, from the

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adhere to the doctrine of tuberculous deposit being but a mor-

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Dingman was subsequently indicted for assault in the first de-

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surface appears a pale, dirty brown color, is softer

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as our own observations have gone, they confirm the Professor's

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flap so as to make a simple circular wound, 1 wished, however, to avoid

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one such accident, and, in that case, no bad consequences fol-

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of our hospitals where in 299 cases admitted 130 de-

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longer the evil has already remained, and the more the function

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urea production is not only increased but eliminated

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packs are of great benefit : choreics readily adapt

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the organisms in the spinal canal on account of the

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8. T. C. Walker: Journal A. M. A.. 1918, 70, 897, Study

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raised the cry of expense, of impracticability, and