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are dulcolax suppositories safe during pregnancy

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ter-gruel." In the* current cook-books, salt, sugar, and nutmeg are generally added. Nothing of

dulcolax suppositories during pregnancy

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Lowder, W. L.. (126) 1810 McKemon, J. F., (19) 1659

bisacodyl suppository during pregnancy

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" To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States:

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nitre with 8 oz. of coarse sugar; rub it on the ham, and in 24

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its students to use their eyes in the examination of a patient.

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creatures very frequently become quieted and go to sleep shortly after"

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The different varieties of typhoid fever require slight modifications only

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meeting of the Medical Society of the Missouri Valley

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Sarcina Pulmonalis. This organism has been found at times, espe-

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Soc. 1881, Phila., 1882, vi, 291-326, 11., 1 pi.— Smilli (t. C.)

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The plaister muslins (mulls), introduced by Unna, are intermediate

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inner third so that junction with the drum head is undefined ;

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dulcolax suppository when pregnancy

cemia, to a low grade of fever with diarrhea, exhaustive

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The ulceromembranous tonsil, described in this report, was

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By dissection, it is observed that the whole tumor is encyst-

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movable, fluctuating, with a firm, thick wall, its outline uniformly rounded

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In drawing inferences from the latter we must never