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in illustration of this fact, in the course of the work, were

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and thought it should receive much attention. He is of

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special forms of treatment, but it is not the intention of this paper to

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F. Carmody — Franco-Italian Sources of the Ronces-

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The healing of wounds takes place in two ways ; if there is no in-

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Rice was veiy indulgent; and instead of complaining,

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the person and clothes of the operator or his assistants.

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" Our best authorities direct that the [cow's] milk should be given to the

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Semmes, D.C. Report presented, and the following resolution

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not follow up the simile, by comparing the doctor to a

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because practically all cases operated upon at this

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invited to address the Monday Evening Club, an association

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lutions, not adherent to the dural cicatrix or apparently injured by

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Therapeutics," read or presented by Dr. J. T. Kent of St.

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for the time being, of increasing the pain. After a

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With a long tube it is possible to introduce enough tubing to enter

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said to him about his bhndness, which was regarded as organic.

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It is impracticable in the case of metastatic abscesses to

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frequently excited by them to stronger action than in a natural

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spiration from Arab sources, insisted that ' ' instead

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Treatment was instituted, and continued for a considerable time, with

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wise only to have recourse to operation if its advan-

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BOBEBT NEWMAN, M.D., Prosector to the Prot of Surg.

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my pupils, M. Horteloup, son of my good friend and colleague of

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dent and Secretary, covenanting to return the same to the proper officer on

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appears normal. Pupils react to light and accommodation. The retinal

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cover naturally. In some, they have returned in very small num-

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Our work is set forth in a series of tables. These, though volumi-

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either direct or indirect, that are associated with a poorly developed

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attention to what I know of the Ustilago Maidis, and the

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operative. Under the first head pure air is recommended, generous

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hourly mastery of the necessary details has enabled him

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maintain so good a degree of health. In spite of the fact that

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and on several occasions, as when going up stairs or otherwise

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British service, as regards army surgeons on general duty, to trust