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sleeplessness ; great depression of spirits, and usually irritability of temper.

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is more probably part of a diffuse syphilitic change, often also involving

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were carefully cleaned at the emergency hospital by well-trained

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usually an ominous sign, especially when it is not amenable to treatment.


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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto recognizes

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and the procedure is not dangerous. In a smaller group of cases the

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probably result in fatigue of the kidney, and may be followed by

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different species. In some species the ova are poured out on the ground ; in

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the end of May of this year, for which application should be made

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material, or it may be entirely suppressed. The spleen and liver, during

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is to be put into the (kin, in the middle of the horfe's

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the reft of the body, be anointed v/ith a mixture of

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his mouth is hot and dry, he feems melancholy, rolls

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cholecystotomy, suprajiubic cystatomy and ]>rostectomy, gastro-

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ing these ova is mixed with water, the embryo (Fig. 74, b) escapes from

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attack confers no immunity ; on the contrary, it predisposes to recurrence.

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buted to a blight, or corrofive dew, which fell on the

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Snuffles results from an inflammatory condition of the nasal mucous

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the duodenum, will produce vomiting which may become projectile, but

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Chief of Department of Radiology, Toronto General Hospital

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almost abolished. The power of movement is impaired in proportion to

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the mother probably describes as a " teething rash." Beads of perspiration

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dire<'tion of giving physical tlicra|iv its due place.

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\'iii. The above is injected iutu tlie rectum after clearing out the

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the posterior wall of the abdomen. If the condition be allowed to advance,

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contains 0*29 per cent, by weight ; and whole-meal flour, 1*9 per cent.; barley

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*' great a quantity in the body of the horfe, as to

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The liver occupies the right hypochondriac and epigastric regions, and

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of the hand. Sometimes erythematous patches become pigmented ; or they

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all the appearance of l:cingfullof flelb : indeed they

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become relatively immune to any one, and also the production of the

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blood stream above normal and this may prove of value in some cases

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exteriors of joints, steaks, etc., are exposed to sufficiently high temperatures

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is a condition in which the whole capsule of the liver is thick, opaque, and