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licher AViederherstellung <les Selivermiigens auf einem
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after I had secured perfect retraction, the child rapidly improved
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lesion or combination can be made out with reasonable
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Instructions governing the physical examination of recruits and
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through the tibia, and which we wish to fracture — may be done through
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ally dry, undergoes a greater or less degree of heating, fermentation or
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and ability to work that I agreed to do a radical operation for the cure
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times a day without effect. She became worse, when six minims
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about a total change in the diet of man. Born an animal feeder, he
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be induced to bear part of the exi)ense from purely
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climates is remarkable. The influence of certain months
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The pulse is the most conveniently taken on the under border of
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or inserting horsehair, are operations occasionally resorted to.
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of phthisis, Dr. Yeo occupies his second lecture with
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the bedding in pursuit of imaginary enemies ; but as
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itate analysis, he divides the cases into 2 classes, viz., ureteral
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sed to the cause of it; it occurred during the season of its
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The patient had an acute suppurative pylephlebitis which produced a
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at any moment ; stimulants fail to arouse the vital forces, and we turn
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is, that during the J?*^ ^ ^ twenty-four to thirty-six hoursl
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some extent. In children we obtain a larger percentage of good results,
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that no blood, or extremely little, escaped into the sur-
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you press upon the ribs in this manner. You may be able to
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allied varieties of neuritis. It has also been useful in neuralgia
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). one case witnessed by a friend, the heart suddenly ceased to beat four
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limb combines with the contracture to increase the deformity there ;
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Bottazzi e Pensuti : La tossicit^ dell' urina dei malarici. Lo Sperimentale,
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vation. If diagnosticated with sufficient clearness, an incision with
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has been produced by a red-hut iron, we are either to treat it
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Asst. Surgeon, V. S. Army, from duty at Ft. Monroe, Va.,
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If there is one particular feature which characterizes the
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transferred to the British Army, consequent on the amalgama-
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Secretary, W. M. White, Lenoir, Atlanta Coll. P. and S., 1899 1899 1905
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to the very present. Obstetrics as a medical specialty practiced by
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As a gargle, in malignant diphtheria or scarlatina, 1 or 2 grains
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convulsions. In reference, however, to this point, it must be recollected
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one finds more frequently that the disease is in the hilus nodes,
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The majority of the men thus exposed were afterward inoculated by
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There may be considerable pain, nausea, vomiting and a feeling
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nurse was put on the list that she must have worked for at least three years
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or his reailer will certainly misunderstand them, uenerally, also,
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certain patients who were practically recovered, or who at
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in this case, as a predisposition to, or an actual commencement