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that this unpretending little instrument will fulfill all of the indica-
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nearly ten times as often in women as in men, and usually in those
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dency, sedentary habits, or an excessive fat-forming diet, or from a com-
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suspensory ligament and a lax abdominal wall. Muscular strain and
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The respiration is rapid, superficial, and painful. In extreme cases
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five grains should be given in the middle of the meal and five grains
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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. The general symptoms of acute disseminated tu-
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may be considered to be surgical disorders, especially to be treated by
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ciation, on the corner of Broadway and Twenty-second street. Man-
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earliness and thoroughness of the treatment. Intestinal and thoracic
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as characteristic. The one is represented by a stunted growth, coarse,
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This instrument has recently been snecessfoUy used by one of the
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PROGNOSIS. The prognosis of ulcer of the stomach as to life is
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the same. The most expert diagnostician, however, cannot always
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in the circulating blood either from the right side of the heart or from the
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sive, and, despite large quantities of food, the sensation of hunger per-
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fsecal tumor. Tumors connected with the liver are more constantly super-
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The Impropriety of Administering Morphia in Diseases of the
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tissue ; nerve-stretching and suspension have probably about the same
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taining fruit and salted, pickled, or spiced articles of food.