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sion a portion of the sixth rib was resected just behind
perhaps in certain others, it might not be necessary to remove the placental
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portance to irritations of the throat and nasal passages in
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that it may be sometimes mistaken for prolapsus uteri; but, by
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brane and diseased tissue of the lower end of the rectum up-
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ing of the anterior vaginal wall. He now introduces his
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lesions in other organs. In a large proportion of cases of renal tuberculosis,
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notes of the patient before us. To test this view, we gave
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A similar coincident inflammation of the submaxillary and sublingual glands
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to the facts that there was no fever, that the general health was
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ease arc opiates and sedatives to the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane.
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tive or supra-atmospheric pressure within the abdominal space serves, for
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Nancy Dickinson, Doris P. Slesinger, PhD, and Patricia R. Raftery, DO, Madison and Cashton
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Project Title: Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Surgically Induced Cerebral
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I. Send with all speed for medical aid, for articles of clothing, blankets, &c.
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have been thoroughly satisfied with the safety of the practice, and I
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pression, hypodermics of strychnine and atropine, and
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quiet, ethical hospital with therapeutic facilities
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x-ray treatment. A marked percentile and absolute reduction in the circulating
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In irregular heart action, where, to be sure, these analyses of the venous pulse play
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consequently not entitled to the doctor's largess, with
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roundish so-called migratory cells— chromatophores. Pigment ap-
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mushrooms to terminate fatally, although in some cases
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a most unimportant part, being reduced to mere atrophied
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place the wall of the bladder is usually in a condition of
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case is the daily weight, and the baby should be weighed on reliable
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nicating with the peritoneal cavity, was reported to the
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during which the person anaesthetised remains continuously under
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quently improved in flesh and spirits ; but the probang was used
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be painful to the reflecting and liberal-minded, seem
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disease in Tunis found these bodies. Later investigations have shown this infantile
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and small intermittent pulse. The pain becomes so excessive that the
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large drainage-tube, over V^ inch in diameter and 9 inches long, was introduced to the
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a second edition has been called for indicates that
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ence, being employed in their sacrifices to the Sun, the high priest chew-
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(c.) Gaseous exudations, as seen in the various forms of pneu-
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that for some days after commencing the use of raw meat, it may be
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left the hospital with the cyst rapidly disappearing ;
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an action is excited in the internal surface, which is returned to the
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Medical Annals, Xo. 1, 1902) report two cases of subcapsular
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too large — namely, half a grain, all the three patients being women. Except
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graphy and the paper are alike excellent. We heartily
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productive of but few well established facts. Suffice it to say that
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antispasmin (narcein natrium), asafoetida, calomel, and cocaine ;
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upon the aliment is proved by the fact, that a chylous fluid is formed
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the tormenting thirst, the distressing headache, the pain and irritability
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of the Scapula and Outer Three Quarters of the Clavicle. —
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ipecac treatment in the more serious cases. Have not