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it is not a mere angular projection. This may turn out to be nothing
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adopted, and in all it was successful, — I mean so far as subduing the pha-
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abnormality mentioned by Dabney is interference with degluti-
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is comparaltively little danger of the fragments slipping,
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brane. Most authors have associated this condition with
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What conclusions may be drawn from statistics as to the con-
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be considered a rinsing-out of the blood and tissues as there
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them again, and so on without cessation. It had com-
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as I have been endeavouring to prove, I might weary the contractor muscle
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selection for incision are for the tibia along the crest, for the
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some other cause. The ordinary beer drinker is the most
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present. Subcultures were made In glucose gel&tin, bouillon, agar,
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phytes and microzoa, and that these little beings could
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What then, in conclusion, is the proper solution of
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plague has existed in San Francisco among the Chinese
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A Remedy for Certain Injustice Both to the Insured and the
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of the manufacturer shall be dropped from the list of affiliated
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past. This patient has' four or five attacks every night, and has been sent
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money required will be raised by the "cottage endowment
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ends of the bone can be kept in exact apposition by passing a silver wire or
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the treatment of a naevus rapidly extending. When the disease is stationary
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218 patients admitted to the wards of this institution, and
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Change of position produced no change in the line of dulness,
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It has been the observation of the author that both
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Curative means. — If the art of healing possesses nothing capable of pre-
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coarse powder it needed 97 to 98 parts of the dry excip-
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was abdominal inflammation with obstruction. Pain was referred to the
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of ill-health, died at his home in that city, March 30, aged
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Department. Assisted by Frederick J. Cotton, M.D. Second edi-
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occurs as the first pronounced manifestation in a latent
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authorities of that county take prompt measures to control the
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physJciaDS that recently met at Washington to appoint
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was most frequently administered in powder, in aqueous or vinous solu-
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border of the tibia. This splint, lying next the skin,