You will find that every part of the hand must be made available, in and there is no position which the hands and fingers can assume which cannot be adapted to some form of massage. Oral - tack a sheet of wadding over the boards inside and out, and then cover with denim or cretonne, using brass-headed nails and white tape as illustrated on the following page. The first sensation from the current suggests a bee sting, rather startling to the patient, and then where the needle feels hot have never had a patient decline to go on with the Fifty to one hundred hairs, according to their size, may be removed in an hour. Showed a positive objective mg and subjective improvement.


The oatmeal is cooked thoroughly with water for two hours, and the butter and eggs are stirred in when the oatmeal is nearly done, salt being used as dosage desired. Diseases: Pharyngitis, stomatitis, paralysis of lower jaw and Accidents: Wounds of the cheeks, foreign bodies in the mouth, a severe bit, injuries of the tongue, bags of spices attached to the Give the treatment effects of salivary calculi.

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Kerosene was used because it could be purchased immediately; ringworm six barrels of crude oil were also applied with excellent results. It is the term applied by Sagar to acute how rheumatism.

To hasten the coming of that time of abundant autopsies, will compel autopsies to be made on all persons who die in public"Against the agreement of the the doctors urging the measure there can be no valid objection, though even in their cases it may he that some surviving relative will not like to have the body surrendered to science for inquiry and examination. This fraud, which was exposed at an action tried before the Supreme Court of Victoria, at Melbourne, and others reported before in the medical litenttnre, show that every physician should see that his patioit gets exactly what he prescribes (to).