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Weight at different periods. Innervation. Reproduction — Epoch of

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six bunks arranged in tiers. Surgical dressings, gas masks,

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Ifaus relieve one of the most dangerous symptoms. 'The

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IS injected in excess of the quantity of pus which has been evacuated.

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fore Thomson was born. Even the lobelia, which he claims as pe-

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have, indeed, escaped with their lives, but only to suffer for

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June 9th. — Paresis of thii'd nerve disappeared en-

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But I maintain that the anesthesia is nothing like so

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interesting condition. This is reflected in such terms as "pressure

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that has been described, having similar tags ; but the

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have been very strict, embracing the following sub-

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climatic or sanatorium treatment is much to be preferred. It is

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ti)e body, consumeth the humours v/hich causeth the disease.

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pass one's finger to the lower surface of the splenic tumor and to

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of a considerable operation, and palpation indicated that some of

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stance apparently separates with one molecule of water of crystalliza-

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changed until bacteria are again admitted. To employ

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dict, in an expected case of essential fever, which, if

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fact that applications of electricity for the purpose

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is soon plainly progressive in character. The colic is the

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the muscles, skin, or bones ; loss or weakening of reflexes, cutaneous and

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phlorhizinized dogs. During this period the blood-sugar was at its

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medulla oblongata, namely, the nuclei of the motor cranial nerves.

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for the presence of filaria, and in no case did we find the em-

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tentanyl anesthesia is contemplated the physician should be aware ot these potential problems and

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going to be done, then don’t bluff the child but tell him

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nection that the Office of Home Economics "includes investigations

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" Acute Lobar Pneumonia " from a similar point of view.