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UterO'Ahdominal Supporier, — A committee of the New York Medical

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fifteen feet from the flagged floor to the ceiling ; the light enters by the

lamotrigine er 50 mg

serious type of lead-poisoning is that known as saturnine encephalopathy.

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Animal Magnetism, — Dr. Sigmond, the talented lecturer on Materia

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altered rhythm of the respiration, and the slowness and irregularity of the

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if this be so it would appear that the placenta must be vascularised by

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practitioner to. calculate on a favorable operation of such remedies^o

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Small growths which are causing no trouble may safely be left alone. ^ If

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composition of which lead largely enters; beer is often drawn from the

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E. Merck (Darmstadt), (5) Behring (Fabrik : Hochst-Am-Main), (6) Aron-

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packed in between the teeth and into fissures, fermenting and producing

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utility was Gist taught b^ the. f^Jemisb bqer* makers. At first, it does

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chloroform removed. He found that the extraneous germs were killed off

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enteric fever, giving rise in many cases to a violent and sudden access,

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paJpitatloo of the beait, 1— drowned, 2<>oid age, 1— invaslea, 1— auddeD, 1— attllborn, 2.

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subsequently the lymph is plated out. A few colonies should always

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neither vomiting nor purging. Death may occur very rapidly without any

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diffuse li'pomata. Precisely similar changes arise in the fatty stratum

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of late been directed, in England, to the subject of the poor-laws, as

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allantoidal vessels as well as the allantoic derivatives are absent, and that

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Transactions," in the fifty-second volume, describing this process. It

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districts under his charge, had given encouraging results.

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case the dryness of the air is such that it leaves us in possession of the

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a successful operation for the removal of an ovarian tumor. The patient,

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Chronic empyema is very common and often overlooked. Symptoms :

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jaundice is not usually a marked feature of the condition.

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The bilateral character of the wrist -drop suggests poisoning of some

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of narrow gland tubules. Giant cells are always to be seen at one part or

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to ulceration as the condylomata occurring on the pharynx. The laryngeal

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inferior thyroid artery. The inferior thyroid is a much more difficult

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nounces, with gurgling and pectoriloquy, the softening of the tubercles,

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thus sustains the powers of life ; while the antimony, by preserving the