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often aided by mechanical compression of the thorax during expiration.

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tract or blood. Of 29 positive blood cultures it was found 18 times,

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was subsequently tried. This treatment by injection was continued

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Ultimately I contemplated extirpation of the kidney. By per-

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It is best not to double the last dose in strengthening the injection.

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sized, white specks with regular border, dark-brown, finely granular, lozenge-shaped,

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The further changes were hard to determine. It is probable,

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on p. 212) is 1 quart, but this may often be greatly increased. In case

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either as sodium benzoate (4 G. (1 dr.) a day), or as lithium benzoate

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Heart, Kidney, or Liver Diseases. — Heart, liver, and kidney com-

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For slight atony of the stomach and intestines, we use gentle laxatives

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extremely satisfactory. Only in very severe and exhausted cases