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then transmitted, along the nervous fibres, to the brain and spinal
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although there is clear resistance to mumps in soldiers from the
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duction should be present in a case to be operated upon.
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explanation thus afforded, therefore, cannot be received; and we
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" disturbs the quiet of the night, and is dissipated with the
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latter part of the disease, when the first sound of the heart be-
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Board of Regents, an independent body of men, elected by the people,
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the spinal cord. It induces in that organ an excessive irritability,
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probably explained to a great extent by the very limited vertical
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bruises bound up — those most dangerously off first
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p. 853. — 28. Todd. Oyclopcedia of Anatomy and Physiology. — 29. Tschirjew.
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firm pressure downward on left shoulder, lifting the
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be cured or materially benefited by treatment at the Asy-
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bacillus but further transfers upon like medium are negative, the bacillus
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vessel walls are not palpably thickened. The jugulars are full and pulsate
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exactly a double hernia truss: from a pad situated between the
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tract. Along with this is often seen uniform swelling and softening of
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Reese, M.D., late Surgeon U.S. Vols., formerly a lecturer
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in Department of North Carolina and Virginia, reports that
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that should not be forgotten. The case illustrates the remarkable
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have been described as responsible for this effect: (1) increase in the ten-
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the ensuing year. I am fully conscious of the great responsi-
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4. Cases of very perfect adhesion usually accompanied with
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chyle spurted from the wounded duct, and continued to leak, in spite of
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The diagnosis from general paralysis is equally important, for here the
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The daily inspection of all animals is very necessary ;
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semium and cimicifuga answer the purpose with me in more
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completely lost, and the anterior visible media are reasonably clear,
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attention to the fact of the very general existence la this country of a disease
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cose). — 7.5617 gm. of the barium salt of this substance were dissolved
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43. Tscheboksareff : Centralbl. f. Physiol., 1910, 137, 137.
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sine is one of these, and since proteins, as we have seen, differ from one
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render them feverish, a moderate bleeding from the arm is