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Colles" fracture. The combination of conditions was
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a large firm protection on the venter, and had stretched the supra-spinatus,
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to baseline or slightly below. Blocking the /3-receptor-medi-
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is free from urethral or vaginal gonorrhoea. In this event the conjunctivitis
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the most successful operations in the country. Dr. Carl D. Neidhold, of Appleton
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so ensure the latter remaining open. I have been told
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of complete obliteration. In the lymph-spaces the globi of
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that which most nearly represents the t™Pe™'^^'=, ^^^^
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Dewey, of Maine, that a protracted high temperature
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addressed to the Editor of Tin &MBRII LM Practitioner ami News, Louisville, Ky.
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METHOD. A small drop of normal salt solution is slowly evaporated
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cum (Cohen's System of Physiologic Therapeutics, Volume viii^
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carelessness displayed in tlie handling of the Rontgen-ray.
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this. We might be greatly helped, by so doing, in making
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three minutes. When the poison was applied, the animals ran round the place
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for five days. Autopsy revealed nothing that could be considered abnormal.
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noxious principles), and high winds. The great activity of vegetable
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meantime, there can be no doubt that such complete relief is afforded and on
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come to sound conclusions on this point. No meddling mid-
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head was relaxed, it refused to respond fully to wave-impres-
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laryngeal ulcers, and that the galvano-cautery, while of assist-
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vals of about 48 hours, for 21 days, 50 cc.=if_/i J of the liquid from
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I got there, I found he had a typical attack of grip of the rheumatic
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ulating baths are recommended, alcohol or spirits of camphor being added
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her son came from a distant city to take her home. It
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fever, and only rarely diphtheria ; and while in the Surgical
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about to be," rather than " what they are becoming," as
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siderable time, and at hard manual labor, on from twelve to twenty -fair
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to the patient's feelings ; a small blister may even be ap-
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from marasmus, the third was quite sudden (in a baby who was
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including human morphology, by H. A. Reeves, F.R.C.S., late Demon-
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" On the following day she had passed no urine, and the
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the slightest injuries give rise to severe hemorrhage, while large wounds are some-
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2. Inflammation of the cervix uteri follows the introduction of and
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find much support for this hypothesis of Barille's. Furthermore, there
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were defeated, and the force entered the town of Kinston at about
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of a polypus, as has already been described in the chapter on
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and its tissue Avere sound. The state of the vah-es Avas very interest-
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tor the United States, par year for all foreign, countries be-
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well-cleaned children ; erythema rheumatica, occurring now and
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