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nary specialists will routinely initiate prophylaxis with

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persisted in for weeks. The patient will not be confined to bed

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elderly persons. In consecutive cases of eczema of the

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of sutures in Caesarean section. Dr. Thomson chose for experiment

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his monograph is based five of his own and twenty collected from previous

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Unless these are very severe it may be well merely to

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tages and disadvantages embraced by the two methods which we are not

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They have electrolytic and antiseptic powers by which

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tains articles on Diseases of the Skin Constitutional

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doing a serum reaction is not so trustworthy as the microscopic.

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To describe it more in detail I would say that there is

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The first part of the work is devoted to the subject itself

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in my hands especially in the treatment of long continued fevers

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one most often used. This operation of resection of the pylorus

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usually lasts about two days. Following the pain the patient has diarrhea

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Solanaccse. Of all Narcotics they approach the nearest to

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Marlborough Union. Medical Officer for the Second District. Candi